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Think of the advantages of having your own in-house training center. Join Club/400 and establish your own in-house IS training center. It's a smart move that will increase productivity and save your AS/400 organization considerable time and money.

For one low enrollment fee you can now become a Club/400 member with unlimited access to our AS/400 training courses for one year. Your firm will save thousands by avoiding other less effective and more expensive training options.

Membership is definitely cost justified. As a Club/400 member, you and your entire staff will have access to over 35 self-paced training courses. If you were to purchase this training separately, you would spend over $25,000. However, ATS's low membership fee gives you savings of thousands of dollars! More importantly, you'll have the single largest collection of practical, hands-on AS/400 training options, right at your finger tips.

We've kept it simple. With your Club/400 membership, you'll select any ATS AS/400 training course on the subject of your choice. Then, as your staff progresses, you'll exchange it for additional courses from our extensive training catalog, just by returning the course and paying an exchange fee for each new course. At the end of the year, you return the remaining courses or extend your membership.

Become a Club/400 member today! Not only will you save time and money with your own in-house training facility, you'll also see productivity increase. You'll put yourself in direct control of your company's training and IS development programs and advance your career in the bargain. There has never been a better time for you and your IS staff to become experts on AS/400 Operations, RPG/400, RPG IV, ILE, DB2/400, SQL/400, HTML, Java, the Internet, and Intranets. All at a fraction of the cost of what you're now paying.

Type of
Number of
Courses On Hand
Per Year
Silver 1 $999 $250
Gold 4 $3,995 $200
Platinum 8 $5,995 $150

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