COBOL Subfile Programming

Course Code: ACB4


iSeries-AS/400 COBOL Subfile Programming is a self-paced, multimedia course providing comprehensive, practical training in the design and coding of subfile programs.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Use Screen Design Aid to create and maintain display files that contain subfiles.
Create COBOL subfile programs that allow users to scroll through selected data file records.
Create COBOL subfile programs that allow users to fold and truncate records.
Create COBOL programs that allow users to enter data into subfile records, use the DUP key, and update files.
Create COBOL subfile programs that edit and verify user-entered data.
Create COBOL programs that sort, initialize, clear, and delete subfiles.
Create COBOL programs that use more than one subfile.
Create and use message subfiles that handle multiple messages.
Use techniques to improve subfile program performance.
Use variable-length subfiles.

Subfile Concepts
Subfile Record Format (SFLRCD)
Subfile Control Format (SFLCTL)
Subfile Size (SFLSIZ)
Subfile Page Size (SFLPAG)
Screen Design Aid (SDA)
Managing Subfile Data
Reading Subfile Records
Writing Subfile Records
Managing Subfile Relative Record Numbers
Managing Subfile Data
Displaying a Subfile
Initializing a Subfile
Clearing a Subfile
Deleting a Subfile
Handling Multiple Subfiles
Scrolling Subfile Records
Using OS/400 Controlled Scrolling
Subfile End (SFLEND) Keyword
"Page Wise" Scrolling
Record Number (SFLRCDNBR)
Subfile Applications
"Alpha Search" Inquiry
Variable Length Subfile Records
Fold/Truncate Functions
Data Entry Subfiles
Validity Checking
On-Line Batch Totals
File Maintenance Subfiles
Updating Subfile Records
Deleting Subfile Records
Message Subfiles
Subfile Program Queue (SFLPGMQ)
Subfile Message Record (SFLMSGRCD)
Selecting Messages for Display
Subfile Message Key (SFLMSGKEY)
Subfile Techniques
DUP Key Programming
Sorting Subfile Records
Removing Blank Subfile Records
ANSI '85 Standards
IBM COBOL/400 Extensions

AS/400 programmers with experience in interactive COBOL programming.
AS/400 Workstation Operations
AS/400 System Operations
AS/400 COBOL/400 Programming
AS/400 Interactive COBOL/400 Programming
Sixteen Audio CDs
Student Text
Interactive Media
Time Required
Approximately 15 Hours

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