Net.Data Power

Course Code: ACG3


AS/400 Net.Data Power is a self-paced, audio-cassette course designed to provide AS/400 web site designers and programmers with essential skills for using Net.Data. Using an example web site scenario, participants will configure Net.Data, code HTML sections, present the results of SQL queries in web pages, update database files with HTML input, call OS/400 programs, run built-in functions, and debug Net.Data applications. The course software includes all example HTML, Net.Data macros, database files, OS/400 program source, and a ready-to-go guest book application with a native interface.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Configure Net.Data to run under the IBM HTTP server.
Configure the Net.Data Initialization (INI) file.
Code static and dynamic HTML macros.
Customize the results of SQL queries in web pages.
Construct complex SQL SELECT statements dynamically.
Update DB2/400 database files with web page input.
Call OS/400 programs and commands, and pass parameters.
Use built-in math, substring, and other functions.
Access environment variables.
Debug Net.Data macros and SQL access plans.

Net.Data for the IBM Server
Net.Data for the I/NET Server
The Initialization (INI) File
Net.Data Macro Structure
Comment Blocks
%HTML Blocks
%DEFINE Blocks
%REPORT and %ROW Blocks
Local and Global %MESSAGE Blocks
If-Then-Else Logic
Net.Data Variables
SQL Variables
Implicit Variables
Predefined Variables
Conditional Variables
List Variables
Environment Variables
User-Defined Variables
Database Access
SQL Queries
Default and Custom Reports/Tables
Commitment Control Levels
Defining HTML Input
Using the Get and Post Methods
Updating Files
Net.Data Functions
Language Environments
Calling OS/400 Programs
Passing Parameters
Built-In Functions
SQL Codes
Server Jobs and Job Logs
Debugging a Macro
Optimizing Access Paths

Experienced programmers or web site developers who need or want to develop WWW-based applications.
Some HTML experience
Some SQL programming experience
Client Access/400 (Windows or OS/2) experience
IC/400 or I/NET Server configuration and operations experience
Self-Instructional Audio-Cassettes
Seven Audio-Cassettes
Student Text
Course Media
Time Required
Approximately 12 Hours

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