e-RPG CGI Toolset (CGIDEV2)

Course Code: ACG4


e-RPG CGI Toolset is a self-paced, hands-on training course specifically designed to bring experienced iSeries-AS/400 programmers up to speed in easily developing web applications using IBMs free CGIDEV2 development tools with RPG. This 20-hour course walks you through each step of the learning process and comes complete with a CD containing all the example code. The course shows how to download, install and configure the CGIDEV2 toolkit on your AS/400. It then takes you through each of the subprocedures included in the toolkit. Each section clearly explains how and when to use each subprocedure as well as any input and output parameters that are required.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Download, install and configure the CGIDEV2 toolkit.
Create dynamic web output with RPG programs.
Store dynamic output in the Integrated File System (IFS).
Easily read input from a web browser using an RPG program.
Use the built-in error handling, reporting and debugging features included in CGIDEV2.
Write and read cookies in CGI applications using RPG.
Find resources, forums and discussion groups related to CGIDEV2.
Avoid hard-coding of HTML, JavaScript and Style Sheets in your CGI applications.
Eliminate data replication to non-AS/400 machines used for serving your AS/400 data.
Avoid programming with complicated CGI APIs.
Build fully functional interactive online applications.
Debug CGI applications easily with CGIDEV2s built in functionality.
Create your own e-Store and shopping cart.

Experienced AS/400 programmers who need or want to learn how to use the free CGI programming toolkit provided by IBM (CGIDEV2).
Recommended Prerequisites
Basic PC operations experience
Web browser/Internet usage experience
Some HTML experience
Some RPG IV experience
Client Access/400 experience
IBM HTTP Server experience
Self-Instructional Hands-On
Manual (250 Pages)
Source Code
Graphic Files
Internet Software
Time Required
Approximately 20 Hours
Hardware/Software Required
AS/400 or iSeries with RPG compiler
OS/400 release level of V4R4 or later
Internet connection on your PC with a web browser able to connect to the AS/400 via TCP/IP
Sufficient authority on the AS/400 to restore software and compile programs

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