Startup Operations

Course Code: AOPS


AS/400 Startup Operations is a self-paced, multimedia course designed to provide the new customer with the ability to perform the most essential operations tasks.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Add and change users and devices.
Handle failed sign-on attempts.
Perform a normal power on and power off and a forced power off.
Initialize and handle tape media.
Backup the entire system.
Save and restore selected libraries, folders, and objects.
Set up automated backup, power on and off, and cleanup schedules.
Locate and control user printouts and printers.
Respond to system operator messages.
Order, download, and apply PTFs and IPL the system as required.
Install new licensed program products and features.

Adding and Changing User Profiles
Setting and Resetting Passwords
Setting the Initial Menu
Limiting Capabilities
Enabling and Disabling User Profiles
Deleting User Profiles that Own Objects
Adding Devices
Using the Auto-Configuration Feature
Printing a Local Device Address Report
Setting Device Addresses
Adding and Changing Devices
Varying Devices Online and Offline
System Startup and Shutdown
Performing an Initial Program Load
Normal Startup
Normal Shutdown
Forced Shutdown
Performing Backups
Handling and Initializing Tapes
Displaying Tape Contents
Saving the Entire System
Saving and Restoring Objects, Libraries, and Folders
Scheduling Automatic Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Backups
Printers and Printouts
Output Queues and Spooled Files
Starting and Stopping Printers
Locating and Controlling Printouts
Responding to Forms Change and Forms Alignment Messages
Displaying, Changing, and Deleting Spooled Files
Error Messages and Job Logs
Placing a Service Call
Using the Electronic Customer Support Modem
Ordering and Downloading PTFs, Summaries, and Packages
Loading and Applying PTFs
IPLing from the A and B Sources
Installing New Program Products
Displaying the Installed Licensed Programs
Installing New Products and Features
Information About New Releases
Automated Operations
Scheduling Recurring Jobs
Scheduling Automatic Power On and Off
Cleaning Up Old Job Logs and Other Items
Scheduling Automatic Cleanup
System Values
Device Naming Convention
Maximum Sign-On Attempts
Date and Time
Using AS/400 Commands, Menus, Function Keys, and "Work With" Options
Using an AS/400 Keyboard
Prompting Commands
Assistance Levels
Status Displays

Anyone designated to be the "system operator" in a new AS/400 installation.
Familiarity with a Personal Computer keyboard.
Twelve Audio CDs
Student Text
Time Required
Approximately 12 Hours

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