Advanced RPG Programming

Course Code: ARG5


iSeries-AS/400 Advanced RPG Programming is a self-paced, multimedia course providing comprehensive, practical training in advanced RPG/400 tips and techniques.

Upon completion you'll be able to:

Create programs that use multiple subfiles with updates to data base files.
Call an IBM-supplied utility program from an RPG program or a CL/RPG program combination to perform character string searches.
Call an IBM-supplied utility program to execute dynamic CL commands from an RPG program or a CL/RPG program combination.
Call an IBM-supplied utility program that performs character translation, such as ASCII to EBCDIC or lower to uppercase.
Create "smart" programs that handle program exceptions and error conditions without terminating.
Create programs that access file member names, size, overrides, spooled files, cursor location, and library lists.
Create split-screen and other multiple subfile programs.
Create windows-style programs using user-defined streams.

Advanced Subfile Handling
Managing Multiple Subfiles
Multiple Subfiles with Data Base Update
Detecting Data Base Changes
Multiple Subfile Scrolling
Character String Search
Searching Data Base Files and Subfiles for Variable Character Strings
Variable Strings and Patterns
Using Wildcards
Case-Sensitive Search Options
Character Translation
Translating ASCII to and from EBCDIC
Translating Uppercase to and from Lowercase
Translating Characters with User-Defined Tables
Executing AS/400 Commands from Programs
Incorporating a Command Line in Interactive Programs
Executing Commands from an Interactive Program
Sending Command Messages to an Interactive Program
Trapping Command Messages with Message Subfiles
Feedback Areas
Program, Open, and I/O Feedback Areas
Using the Information Data Structure (INFDS)
Extracting Cursor Location
Determining Lowest Subfile Relative Record Number
Calculating INFDS Offset Position for Device Dependent Areas
Variable Help Windows
Variable Starting Line Formats with Subfiles
Cursor-Sensitive Help Text
"Point and Shoot" Function
User-Defined Data Streams
Creating User-Positioned (Dynamic) Windows
5250 Data Stream Commands
Formatting Data Streams
SUBST (Substring)
SCAN (Search String)
CAT (Concatenate)

AS/400 programmers with experience in interactive RPG/400 programming.
Workstation Operations
System Operations
Control Language Programming
RPG Programming
Interactive RPG Programming
RPG Subfile Programming
Ten Audio CDs
Student Text
Interactive Media
Time Required
Approximately 10 Hours

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