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RPG Skills Accelerator II

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Brad Stone's RPG Skills Accelerator II is finally here! This new course follows his acclaimed bestselling RPG Skills Accelerator and covers 8 advanced RPG programming subjects.
The training comes with 14 hands-on labs ! This dynamic 20-hour training course comes with an easy-to-follow manual, and a CD with all the training exercise source code. You'll immediately use what you learn to create far better RPG programs.
Here is what you will learn:
Command Processing Using RPG
Sometimes APIs are too complex or non-existent. Without a good API, performing everyday system tasks can be cumbersome. By now, you are probably used to the simple QCMDEXC API, so this chapter dives into the more useful QCAPCMD API. The author takes you through the basics of building commands and shows you how to decipher errors. He also shows you how to let the user prompt for command input when it is required.

This section also includes a lab that takes you through the details of using the QCAPCMD API. It explains each parameter and shows you the options you can control to allow the user to prompt on the command.

Structural Programming with RPG

Whether you are new to programming or an experienced programmer, understanding structural programming with RPG is important. It covers everything from looping to conditional statements and delves into questions such as when you should use a subroutine vs. a subprocedure. Armed with this information, you can decide for yourself how things should be done.

The two labs that are included in this section include examples so you can see the advantages and disadvantages of using looping and conditional statements in your RPG programs. With the examples in this lab, you can make your own informed decisions.
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RPG Web Programming Basics

Yes, everything you've read is true; you really can create dynamic Web applications with RPG. In this section, author Brad Stone summarizes some of the best information from his group of best-selling eRPG books to give you a quick introduction into this exciting topic. The section covers topics such as HTML, JavaScript, style sheets, server-side includes, and more. With this information, you can avoid mistakes and decide the direction to take on your next Web application project.

Because this section covers material needed by almost every company today, it includes labs on HTML, JavaScript, style sheets and CGI programming. These labs put you on the fast track to understanding the necessary tools for developing Web applications using RPG.

eRPG Toolkits

You have a choice between two toolkits that can help you create fast, simple, and scaleable RPG Web applications. So you may be wondering which direction to take. In this section, the author covers both the CGIDEV2 and eRPG SDK toolkits. He examines the strengths, weaknesses and implementation of each one, so you can decide which toolkit is right for you.

The section also includes a separate lab for each toolkit that shows how you would develop the same application in each one. With these examples, you can clearly see the differences in each toolkit. Instead of using best- or worst-case scenarios to compare the products, you can check out the same application so the differences, positives, and negatives of each toolkit are apparent.


When you include system APIs into your arsenal of programming techniques, you are forced to learn how to use something RPG programmers never really worried about before: pointers. Although pointers have existed for years in most other programming languages, they may be new to you. This chapter takes you through the basics of what a pointer is, how it works, and how you can use pointers to make your applications more functional.

The detailed lab starts by using pointers to work with a simple string. It then advances to using pointers with data structures. The lab mimics most of the system API uses of pointers so you can understand the topic more clearly. With this lab, implementing advanced APIs is a snap.

Return to ILE

The first RPG Skills Accelerator training course received a lot of compliments on the well thought out and easy to understand section on the Integrated Language Environment (ILE). Now in Volume 2, the ILE section takes you a step further by diving into more advanced topics such as binding directories, signatures, and subprocedure keywords. This section even includes a set of ILE subprocedures you can use to manipulate a run-time library list easily.

Each topic in this section includes its own lab. You can see how these advanced topics work and then dive right in and use them.
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Database Design

Database design is one of the most important steps in creating an application. Getting it right the first time makes all the difference in the world. In this chapter, the author takes you through topics such as physical files, logical files, and reference files. It also covers the art of mastering "master files"!

Debugging RPG Programs

Like most programmers, you probably have basic RPG debugging skills. But this section takes debugging to the next level. It offers tips and techniques you can use to debug batch and CGI programs. The author also goes through some of the various debugging tools available, so you can view pointer data, or look at data in hex format to find those elusive garbage characters you wouldn’t otherwise see.

The two labs included with this topic cover the advanced topics such as debugging batch and CGI programs. Going through the labs can help you refine your debugging techniques and make you a better developer.

Skill Level:

Some experience with RPG programming and database. Any RPG programmer with 1 or more years of experience will be able to successfully complete this course. This course is not intended for end-users or for novice programmers.


This is real-world RPG training that you can put to work for you right away. It’s a smart move for your organization and your career! Take your RPG programming skills to the next level with Brad Stone’s RPG Skills Accelerator II. Get your copy today!

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